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[0.6.0] Clan bug - Affiliated to a clan in WoT but non-existent in WoWs

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1. Description

Added to a clan in WoWs that only exist in WoT. Clan Tag appears but cannot be searched. Still can access other clan functionalities for an unaffiliated player (i.e passing application to join other clan). Players in contacts list have clan tags from clans that only existed in WoT.


This only apply to players who are not members of existing clans in WoWs, but have their WoT account affiliated to a clan

2. Reproduction steps


  1. Log in

  2. Click on the clan tag.
  3. Click "Clan Search"
  4. Search for Clan Tag(your tag from WoT)
  5. Search for an existing clan
  6. Send application

3. Result


Upon searching clan tag, it would indicate that no such clan exist.

When passing an application, application will be set to pending

4. Expected result

-Details of the clan that's been searched must appear(but not existent)

-Unaffiliated players in WoWs should not have tags from their WoT account

-if such clan exist, user must NOT be able to access functionalities such as joining a new clan


5. Technical details


Bug time: about 9:45 GMT +8


python log: Attached File   python.zip   38.27K


Screenshots ingame:

Clan Creation


Searching for clan + contacts list


application to an existing clan


Proof that NJG1 clan(example) exist and is a member of mentioned clan:




Other notes:

-for further observation. Sent application to a random clan. If accepted, should check the effects for both ingame and portal profile.









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