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Alabama - first ingame video

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By special permission from St. Petersburg via Vadim (Global Integration manager) and Sergey (Dev lead), I have been granted special permission to publish an Ingame video of the Alabama in action. This is not a general permission to publish videos and details of the Alabama, as it is still under testing and therefore under NDA. Permission to publish this video, is therefore a special case, due to the way the Asia server and its players are regarded by WG - we are NOT the redheaded stepchild, au contraire ;)


The Alabama is such a great ship to sail in, even with the red Supertesters only Camouflage mounted.

Divisioning up with a couple of clan mates, and then ending up facing another division of clan mates on the opposite team, just makes it more fun - Especially when among the 5 kills, both of the clan mates on the other team are included :D Dont dismiss the fun of bragging rights and good natured smacktalk on Teamspeak, when you kill a clan mate.

As for how to play the Alabama, consider it an Iowa Lite - BUT it still packs a punch, as can be seen in this battle. 

I can only recommend buying it, when/if it is put up for sale. 
As usual, available in 1920x1080 full HD and includes the full After Battle Report is included at the end of the video.





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That looks awesome.


Also, stats should be available on the APU.

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