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Begininers' Guide To BattleShips Ranked Battles

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This will be my last post for Begininers to WOWS Battleships.

I'll link the other parts to Battleships below.


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Part 5 - http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/21198-begininers-guide-to-battleships-part-5/page__hl__%2Bbegininers%26%2339%3B__fromsearch__1


in this post, I'll give my opinions on which Battleships are best for Ranked Battles, I'll talk about all the tiers that have had Ranked battles, even if they are not currently or most likely to have them again in the future.  I'll include meta setters that set a meta or is best for a meta.


Tier 5- A nice set of balanced ships, so even if you don't have one, you can still compete evenly with the other battleships in the game without being bullied by the other ship classes for the most part.


CV Meta- USS Texas- Best aa rating of any ship in T5.  Any T5 cv will stay the hell away from you and go after other ships. Right out of the box with no captain skills or upgrade options, it has an aa rating of 50, that's 1 point higher than the Cleveland at T6, the famous aa monster of the mid-tiers. No, T5 cv will be able to touch you without losing all their bombers in or out, before you get HE treatment.  The guns are very nice with competitive gun arcs with the tech tree ships.


Regular Meta - German Konig - Best all round BB of T5 right now.  It can go toe to toe with anything out there. Not the fastest bb, but not the slowest. 

Sorry, but the thing posted before I was done, my apologies.

Next would be the fully upgraded Kongo from the Japanese Line.  While not having the most guns or armor, but it does have speed, which the other bbs don't.  You have the option to come back or to turn around because of your Crusier like speed in case things don't work out like you predict.  You also have the range over everyone else to try to reset caps as well or get lucky opening shots.


New York or other non-fully upgraded ships.  Don't bring them.  You'll be bullied by all the other bbs.


T6- As of the writing of this post, the first tier of Ranked battles.

All Metas- USS New Mexico.  Not the best at anything, but most often, the second best in almost all areas.  This puts it's overall score higher than everyone else.  12 14inch guns, that have better arcs than Fuso and you can get 6 shells out front in a push against 4 shells from the other ships.

Good second choice is Fuso, Bayern, Warspite and Arizona.  They either have same number of guns, higher caliber, or better armor on New Mexico, but all have issues with the up close and personal of the cap zones in Ranked, and Arizona has B Hull aa of the New Mexico. Not scary to CVs that you will face. Warspite and Bayern are good ships with the largest caliber guns in T6.  However, they only have 8 guns against the 12 of New Mexico.  Extra chances to fight Battleship RNG that exists.

Dunkerque- It can perform for those who know how to use it, but you can't push or even show much broadside or you'll be punished hard and all your guns are forward.  This is a support ship, not a pusher which Ranked Battles need the most. Which ships push the hardest and smartest win the day. 


Tier 7- This tier is mostl likely never coming back to Ranked as the other ship classes in the game are horribly broken at this Tier. Flint, Belfast, and Saipan are OP, with half of the crusiers in not competetive either.  Destroyers there is only 1 real choice that players have at this Tier.  Broken as hell for Competetive play.

This is most likely one of the best balanced Tiers for Battleship Ranked Battles.  There is no clear meta setter for any thing.  Guns- Scharnhorst has the most at 9, but 11inches, with German T7 at 6, but excellent secondaries and torpedo shotgun, with Nagato having 8 guns and nice armor and aa when fully upgraded and having speed as well, while Colorado having excellent armor and guns, but terrible speed.  Not a clear winner that does anything better than the other ships in the Tier and class.


Tier 8- I have not personlly played this one yet.  Before 6.0 the Bismark was most popular for it's LOL secondary build.  After 6.0, it is most likely coming down to a Bismark and North Carolina.


Regular Meta- Bismark- Secondary build that creates no go zones in cap zones.  LOL secondary fires along with main guns. 

Stealth Meta - North Carolina- I've done the math on this one and read comments along with seeing replays, N.C. can get down to crusier level dectection.  The other BBs can't compete in this one.


CV Meta - Bismark/N.C. - Bismark has aa that can protect himself no problem, but N.C. has aa that can protect other ships as well. 


Amagi and Tirpitz- both are competive, but they are more situational than N.C. or Bismark.



Hope this helps everyone.


God speed and fair winds to all who wish to compete in Ranked.



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