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Can someone give me an idea of how XP and Credits are earned?

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In the WOT Wiki page, there is a page called Battle Mechanics. Under that, there is a category called "Experience and Credits" Could someone do WOWs version of that list?

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i have some idea on ways to get exp. (someone can probably give more detail explanation.)


listed in no particular order (idk who give the most exp) (i believe its damage,resetting cap and capping but idk which one give higher exp)



-direct damage. (any form, dealing damage to higher  tier ship more of exp, dealing damage to dd give more exp than other ship class because exp is base on % of HP damage and not raw damage, if you deal damage to higher tier dd, they give lots of exp )

-spotting damage (you spot enemy ship, allies deal damage you will get % exp)

-capping points

-resetting cap points (hitting enemy who accumulated cap points) has lots of exp i believe

-shooting down planes

-tanking damage (amount of potential damage you earn)

-scouting (not sure how it works)

-Spotting ship launch torpedo (again not sure if they give any exp)

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from my observation in the following order, kills, then plane kills, cap, defense, damage, spotting damage, potential damage.


If you kill 30+ planes, you are pretty much guaranteed in top 5 just from that. reward for potential damage is barely noticeable unless it is close to 4M. Doing 1.5 times the server average damage will also give you good positions.

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