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Co-Op bots ram too much

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Hey guys I'm just reporting this because I just had a battle with all bots on Co-Op and this is happening to me fairly often, you see the bots on the allied team ram the enemy way too much, in 1 battle of 6v6 out of 6 bots on my team 4 of them rammed the enemy and lost and the other two were killed by gun fire or torps leaving me to the last resort you know the "our team depends upon you". I hate hearing that especially when facing a battleship, 3 Cleveland class cruisers and 1 destroyer, can we please change the way bots fight to a more aggressive way instead of just ramming? Please all I want to do is film a video with commentary about different ships but I can't do that because I don't like showing defeat about 18 times a day and only 2 wins. :(


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Are you just exaggerating that W/L ratio a bit?    I played 18 straight coops yesterday without a loss.  EZmode.


I find the true lowering of standards comes from the real people playing Co-op.  They lack the teamwork map knowledge and aggressiveness of a bots and often contribute to the team loss by doing brainless things.  Example being capping out and then chasing a CV while the bots rush the centre and make mincemeat of your team.





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