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Deliberate sucide by player [redacted]

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Hi all,

I was playing a game in Konigsberg and happened to be in the perfect place to launch to salvos at a scharnhost less than 6km away. Now as there was a Belfast, by the player [redacted] whom was on the port of my ship engaging Scharnhorst as well. However, the torpedos were not supposed to hit her had she continued on her course UNLESS SHE STEERED TO PORT AS WELL. Now, because I was going to get first kill if all 4 torpedoes hit Scharnhorst, and she was in low health (for some reason she took on Scharnhorst herself, she deliberately blocked the path of two torpedoes, and I got team killer status. This is not the first time it has happened to me, stupid idiots either deliberately or too dumb, to walk into torpedoes by friendly ships. I am sick of this WOWS, can someone:

1) Tell me how to report my situation to have my teamkiller status removed

2) Report that player to an actual admin instead of the stupid useless automated complaint system.

Attached screenshot of post-battle screen



Naming and shaming, duplicate topic. User already warned. Thread locked.


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