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Regarding the 2 fighter and fire prevention, also Radio Finding

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Well for the most part I do think wargaming did a good job so far in the new commander tree, but I would like to address these 3 skills


Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft - I do think many contributors have said this but, this skill is just too useful for a 1 point skill. its a mini hydro that lasts practically almost forever. It would be great if this is to be moved to 2 point skill.


Fire prevention - Let's be honest. this game is turning more and more to the direction of World of Battleships. It's a fine skill, but please move it to 4 point as it is too useful for a 3 pointer. Because no one really will use this skill except battleships (maybe also moskva) like survivability is for destroyers. I do think this skill is a battleship equivalent for survivability expert on destroyers. on the flip side, Manual AA could be downgraded to 3 point as no one will really take it because of the other skill at 4 point. heck, I'd choose AFT over this skill in almost every ship.



Radio Position Finding - While it might be fine in random battles, this is very lethal for competitive play, particularly the ones with coordinated teams. because you only need a SINGLE skill in the whole team to know stuffs. Imagine a chapayev in a team battle in their usual radaring position with this skill around. not fun.


Edit : I just found the public test feedback thread, so I'll just post there instead


Duplicate post. Thread locked, no warning/sanction applied.



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