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T-22 that looks like passenger ship

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Things that i found, "maybe this ship is not that weak".


1. The gun, is better than V-170. This ship could citadel tin can cruisers, like Kuma, Kirov while V-170 can't until it is too close.

Idk if i'm right or wrong, but i do feel the shell has a bit better ballistic. 3.6s reload with skill is nice too.


2. Turrets arranged like Nikolai or Kamikaze, they could turn 360 degrees. So 3 of 4 turrets always facing front, with a slight angle. They are high angle guns, and probably the best AA destroyer at tier V.


3. 62 knot 7.5km torps, this is quite good, albeit still not that powerful with only 13k+ dmg. Kamikaze or Gnevny has 14k+. Triple launchers...hhgh i still want single launch torps like RN cruisers.


Still don't like how loud the gun in regards of concealment haha.

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