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[] Temporary Workarounds for Client Crashes

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Attention Commanders!


We hope that you will have an exciting and enjoyable holiday this New Year! Unfortunately, there are some issues with the game client in the latest update that the developers would like to share some information and workarounds with you so may continue enjoying yourself in World of Warships and to minimize any inconveniences that may arise due to this issues.


1. Many players are having issues in regards to lag and freezing that is making gameplay unpleasant. Adjusting the graphics settings in the game to make sure that the resources of your game station are allocated in the most efficient way will help in alleviating the problem. Below are some methods you can try to improve your gameplay experience.


Try and experiment with the settings a little to find the best configuration for you. Play one or two battles after every change to see how the adjustments affect the picture on the screen:

Reduce Texture Quality;

Set MSAA settings to 4x/2x;

Disable Additional Reflections;

Modify settings for the Effects Preset.


2. One of the bugs in version 0.5.16 is associated with the custom music feature which allows players to listen to their own tracks in game. If you have the "Listen to your own music" feature enabled in Audio Settings and have added music files into the /res/userMusic/ folder, the game client may consume RAM resources in an uncontrollable manner when minimized (memory leaks). When the amount of RAM used reaches 4 GB, the game client crashes. 

The leak occurs only when the game client is minimized (by using Alt+Tab or by selecting a window other than that of the game). The RAM is not released even after the game client window is restored. 


The issue occurs in all display modes of the game client (Windowed, Full-screen and Full-screen windowed).


Here are some temporary workarounds that you can use:

Disable the "Listen to your own music" feature;

Do not minimize the game client for extended periods of time if the feature is enabled.


Although this workaround is not the most ideal, we hope you will be able to continue playing without critical crashes or massive lag.

3. Some players using PCs running on Windows 10 Pro as their primary gaming platforms have experienced crashes of the game client shortly after login.

The issue can be resolved by using the ZIP archive  that can be downloaded from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zieb4xgy07ov07r/WorldOfWarships_28.12.zip?dl=0%C2%A0


Usage guide:

Unzip the archive (file + file folder) into the parent directory of the game (where the WorldOfWarships.exe file is located);

Launch the checkout_wows.exe file and select one of the two suggested options:

Replace the existing WorldOfWarships.exe file with a new one; or

Restore the previous WorldOfWarships.exe file if it has already been replaced.


Just to be safe, you can also backup the original WorldOfWarships.exe files in case you need to restore it.


It is highly recommended that you use this temporary solution only if you are experiencing the issue described in item 3.


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