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Multiple problems :(

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Hey guys, I'm having a problem which happened during a game yesterday with my Scharnhorst, I was playing a regular PvP match and about 2 minutes into the game my land warning icon came on however it didn't tell me there was land ahead until it was too late, so anyway no biggy I thought I'd just reverse and I'd better do it quick because I was broadside, then the trouble started, now I was head on into the island nothing behind me, I put the ship into full astern and as the speed rapidly dropped the smoke stack was billowing smoke but I wasn't going anywhere, I was reading 0 knots and I'm like that's weird but it'll come right, 4 minutes passed and I'm still not moving so I thought for evidence I'd turn to Fraps Video Recorder, but as soon as I opened Fraps my game froze I couldn't do anything, so I closed Fraps and the game started working again, I closed the pause menu and low and behold I'm sailing backwards, then I look at my HP, barely on a 1/4.

So to avoid future incidences like this I'd like the land warning icon to be present, at least at 700 meters from landmass when fully scoped.

I'd also like the game to support Fraps because I need to record these kinds of situations when they occur so WG can have a look at exactly whats going on.

Anyway that's my speel for today thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Sounds like packet loss.

I know that at the moment connection to the server from Aus is compromised because the cable between Perth and Singapore is broken. Perhaps because the traffic is being diverted onto other cables, this interferes with traffic from your region.


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