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Upgrade Modules Stat Bug

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So I just discovered this bug where if you put an upgrade module on a ship (only saw it happen on Benson though), the UI will say that the added stats from such upgrades will be removed if you put another upgrade module on a different slot. However, not minding it and putting the upgrade anyway doesn't remove the previously added stats (as expexted of a UI bug).l Saw this while I was deciding how was I going to play my new Benson by picking out upgrade modules

Putting on slot 2 upgrades apparently removes concealment and rudder shift time from previously added upgrades


Putting on upgrades on slot 1 to the same effect on the UI


Putting on upgrades on slot 3 as well



The statistics from the previously added upgrades are not affected if you proceeded to mount them anyway, as expected:

therefore I think it's just the UI that show the effects and not the modules themselves

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