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Ban by "Complaints"

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I think we all know how crap the customer support of this game is. I've seen complaints in this forum; those people getting payed to support players don't even know what this game is about, heck they probably think they're moderating some Facebook game crap.


I have enough of this ridiculous banning system of this game. I've been banned countless times for trashtalking, those I accept, but recently I got banned by these "complaints" with no reason, or who's the moderator banning me, all while carrying my games so [content removed] hard for my entire lobotomized team. Meanwhile my complaint at Customer Support about a teamkiller that team killed me in 3 different games while accusing me of being a hacker for playing so good, complete with evidence, is still "in queue" after nearly a week. Do customer support really believe I'm a hacker because some morons accused me of being a hacker because I told them they're stupid all while giving them some WoWS school for noobs 101 ? While those griefers AND BOTS who deserves a permanent account ban doesn't even get banned for a minute? What a load of bull the customer support of this game is.




Doesn't show, but I have there is additional report warnings above that. I was too slow and was not screenshot. I was banned subsequently after this was taken






Again, the 9 report warning disappeared from the top most notification with my Ibuki game finishing and popping up. I was too slow to screenshot


Hey, customer support, we feed your mouths, do your [content removed] job properly. Check the stats of the complainants and see who's telling the truth. Don't just go around banning innocent players and not giving a [content removed] about the bots and teamkillers.



Insults to mod/admins/GMs, Disputing mod/admin/GM decisions, Profanity. Post edited, thread locked, user placed on escalated sanctions due to excessive and repeated rule violations.





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IMO, Toxic Player is Toxic.  

Carry a game doesnt mean tolerating Toxic Behavior.


in my eyes, player a Human being first and being gamer seconds

His action is prioritized over his abilities

there are acceptable insult, and there that was no-acceptable.


Even if the insult is not directed to me, Ill report him regardless his contribution to the match

Toxic behavior. dampen the mood. and bad for everyone involved


Im not judge you, most of the times its salty player

or salty enemy that upset about your carried the game lol


but then again,I think the system is automated

GM rarely took action, unless its serius exploit or abuse

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