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CV bug

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Battle on New Dawn, started 4:56 am (my time). I was unable to control my planes, with the exception of launching and relaunching.


I was playing hosho and there was a zuiho on my team, which was mirrored on the enemy team. At start of match I was able to control fighter and one TB squad, while the other TB squad just had circle with line through it when I selected it. After baiting and killing some fighters to enable us to snipe one of the CVs, I recalled all squads. From this point I could no longer control any squads, all three would have the same cursor. 

I attached an image to show basically the cursor I mean. The linked image has the players names retained so WG can find the match if so desired. Very frustrating.


Edit: none of the other players mentioned having any problems during the match.


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I think I encountered something similar today. Didn't know why then, but I quickly pressed left 'Ctrl' and 'Shift' once each. And next thing I know, the above cursor went away and I regained back the planes control. Try that next time. 1st time encountered this too. Unable to repeat the problem.

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