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about AA defence Rating

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just in my opinion


I need WG dev to fix AA rating like New Orleans have 72/100 rating on aa and hipper have 73/100 rating

then when I compared in NO have better short mid range AA but in german have week AA at short mid range (despite 150/147 dpm)


so please fix it or buff/nerf then

thanks :)

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AA Defense rating is misleading sometimes, it gave more points for range and less for actual AA DPS and number of mount (DP Mount gets higher AA rating). Just go see each and every single one of those AA guns to understand better about their performance. 


Also I believe the AA Defense rating is kinda okay already, not perfect but at least we all know range and DP mount is deadlier for aircraft than Machine guns with 300 dps but only 3.1 km range. 

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