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Minekaze/Mutsuki Captain

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Hello, a question concerning the ex-minekaze captain:

I have a highly skilled ex-minekaze captain with much seal blood on his hands.

With today's shuffle in the Japanese DD tree he is left without a ship.  He is in port - and assigned to the Mutsuki (which I don't have).

Rather than buying a Mutsuki, I would like to reassign him to another ship.  Unfortunately he is blacked out and cannot be reassigned or selected in any other ship.

What is going on:

1.Is this a bug that will be remedied? 

2.If I buy the Mutsuki, will he be reactivated and then be transferable to another ship?

3. Is he locked into the Mutsuki permanently?


Thanks for the help.


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  • If a player had Commanders with specialization in Minekaze V before the update, then the Commanders will be retrained to have specialization in Mutsuki V. In addition, a Commander with 10 000 Commander XP and specialization in Minekaze V plus a slot in the Reserve will be added to the player's account. [uPDATED]


that's according to the patch notes, if it contradicts then it's probably a bug

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Remove any and all mods and relaunch the client.

We have had reports of some mods causing similar problems immediately after patches, before the mod is updated.

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Gorbon_Rubsay, I just check and I had the same issue with my Mutsuki captain (was from the Minekaze in 5.14)


I've started a thread in the Bug Report forum [here]

Can you grab a screenshot and post it and your python.log file (you'll need to zip it first) in that thread?


EDIT: Confirmed as a bug and under investigation by Wargaming


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