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Hope WG could provide some audio-related files help players create voice mod

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My English is poor , if there's some words I used wrong , please bear with me.


Hope WG could provide some  audio-related files which can be used in Wwise ( include ".wproj" file ).
This simple thing can help game community members to create music / voice Mod .


1. It's  a win win result.

  (1) People love see things create by their own , and Mods can rich this game.

  (2) Mods can bring more players into this epic game.


2. Creating audio-related Mod is different from before.

  (1) WoT & WoWP(old version) : using FMOD studio or FMOD designer.

  (2) WoWS audio files maybe need Audiokinetic "Wwise" to creat audio-related Mod.

  (3) Without Hierarchy Settings & wproj file , this may be tough.


3. Helps from game company , for  example :

  (1) Total War : Rome II . Before developers release audio-related data for help Mod making , there's very few chances , players could create a music Mod for this game.

  (2) Official provide some resources at Game's wiki.

        Total War Wiki → Wwise - Audio Modding

  (3) And then , players can create music Mod more easily.

        Rome: Total War Music



4. WG can sets  terms ,  restrict some behaviors.

  (1) These files can only used in a non-profit Mod project. (or other terms kind like this)

  (2) Audiokinetic Wwise already have some terms about non-commercial purposes.


I know it's only at testing stage , but this is my little wish to WG developers.

At last , thanks WG brings such epic Game to me.



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this is my original post  :


some imformations about Wwise :


Wwise Site

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A little patience - if you can mod WoT/WoWP, it is expected that WoWS will follow the same modding pattern.


I hope they are the same too.... but  ".fsb .fdp" ← different → ".bnk"

WG decide change audio engine : 

New Sound Engine – No Sound Mods


Simply put those audio file and packed , seems don't work.
Need some setting data (event settings , etc) , if we got the Hierarchy stuffs , that will be more easier.


and as you said , it needs time ,  so I post this thought  , maybe someone will fix it out , or WG will do something in the furture.


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Dont expect modding info to be published anywhere, untill release. Since things CAN and WILL change, between now and release.

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