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An interesting candidate for Pan-Asia DD

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Have you ever imagined a DD with the stealthy property of IJN DD, while having some usable USN DD guns and AAs?

Well, a vessel like that did exist, at least in her final configuration.


We're talking about ROCS Dan Yang, or formerly IJN Yukikaze, a Kagero class destroyer.


After the end of WWII, Yukikaze was transferred to the Republic of China as a war reparation.

However, all of its main guns were removed, so it is actually not a functional warship at that time.

It stayed in the port of Shanghai from 1947 to 1948 and didn't commission as part of ROCN.

As the ROC government gradually losing the Chinese civil war, they decided to move Yukikaze to Keelung port in Taiwan and receive armaments.


The ship was renamed as Dan Yang and commissioned as the flag ship of ROCN in 1952.

One type 89 12.7 cm/40 dual mounted guns turret was in the bow, and two Type 98 10cm/65 dual mounted guns turrets was in the stern.

As you may notice, the different main armaments made the fire control very difficult and not efficient.

In addition, Shells for these Japanese guns were also very lacking.


Later in 1956, after a shore bombardment mission, Dan Yang refitted her armaments in Zuoying military port. All Japanese equipment were replaced by US ones.

1. All of her torpedo tubes were removed due to lack of torpedoes, and two 3"/50 caliber guns (probably MK22) was mounted as secondary gun.

2. All of the main gun turrets were replaced by three single open mounted MK37 mod0 5"/38 caliber guns.

3. 10 Bofors 40 mm gun were mounted as AA defense.


She stay in service until 1966 and scrapped in 1970.


Here's some model picture of Dan Yang in her final configuration (I do not own the copyright so please visit the website)






So, how to fit Dan Yang into WOWS game?


The major problem is that she did not have torpedoes in her final configuration.

In my opinion, it can be solved by:


1. Just give her some torps, for balancing, or

2. Give her guns some good stats and downgrade her to around tier 5.


According to some documents, due to the aging issue, she can actually only do 29 knots in 1958. (compared to 35 knots in game)

This can also take into balance consideration that downgrading it to tier 4~5 is reasonable.


Lets not forget she has 10 Bofors, which can be a nightmare to low tier CVs.




Finally, thanks for reading this thread, which is just my personal thoughts.

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3,825 battles

they could make an entire line up of pan-asian ship so that those lo-yang and anshan captains came into some uses :P 


I assume WG will create at least one pan-asian tech tree line

but I am pretty sure most of the warships will be created by WG themselves, lol


ROCN almost had no "modern" warship in WWII

the only exception I know is Ning Hai class cruiser, which I think can easily be a tier 4 to 5 candidate




Maybe I will also post an article about Ning Hai class cruiser in the near future.

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