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Compensation for IJN Destroyers

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After the 'Introduction' of the Changes I have to say the Following:

1. I'd run low on doubloons and all my 'HIGHEST RANK CAPTAINS' were allocated to DD's I totally dislike... i.e. my 17 rank Minikaze Captn is now on my Mutsuki which sucks and I have to pay doubloons to retrain him back to where I originally wanted him.

2. The Divisioning is great... I suggested it months ago, thanks for listening... HOWEVER this will not improve game play one bit in random really... You need to be able to command a fleet and have some kind of 'maturity heirachy' where those people out rand others when going for senior rolls... This accounts for the fact that there are Mature players  yet to reach T X Ships who are a lot more 'strategically and maturely minded' then a lot of 'I bought my Premium Fleet using mummy and daddies credit card' warriors who drive us nuts.. I have met some exceptions;)

3. Need to be able to suggest course/plan of attack still... Look at BF2 and how they conquered this... it was HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and the solution is over 15 years old..


Thank you for your time making this amazing game.. It just sorely/mega painfully/like I'm on fire someone put me out, lacks real team play... BIG TIME...

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