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Aircraft Carriers Cosmetics Enchantments

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In-port Audio.

It would quite cool to be able to turn on/off the aircraft engines for the planes sitting on the deck and hear the roar of all the squadrons, propellers idling (spinning), some engine exhaust (in-port only) and some aircraft vibrations. To see all the deck aircraft in a state of “ready to take-off”.

This state could be enable for in-game too, for the first few minutes off battle it would be great to see and hear all the aircraft in this state but only while us (the users) are in the ship follow mode.

In-port there could be a button over the squadron icon to toggle the engines audio/animation and in the audio tab a general setting for in-game.

Squadron Follow Mode Manoeuvring

While in follow mode it would be nice to be able to turn the squadron left or right, say Alt+Left arrow key and Alt+Right arrow key. There is some free time from when the battle starts and when the actual action starts, in this “survey time” is would be nice if we could turn the squadron from left to right (only in follow mode).


Aircraft Squadron Number

Could we have the squadron number displayed on the min-map, simple idea but it would be very helpful.



You could go the extra mile like, when the engines start they do some rouging, spluttering and puffing of blue start up smoke.

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