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Desync issues this past few weeks.

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So I have been playing this few weeks on my big Freddy and I notice that my sniping performance suddenly sucks and my overall game performance in BBs is dropping. I thought I'm just not getting used to the ship and I'm just so unlucky, until this morning. I'm playing my big F and I notice I miss so much shots on perfectly lead salvos. I'm missing so much that this is beyond RNG giving you middle finger, then a shimakaze torp me. I completely dodge the torps in front of me but they exploded some 200-400m in front of me and killed me, and that's when the problem is clear.


How do you guys deal with desyncing issues? My internet is not good but this month it has been consistent(a miracle). In other games, my performance are normal and no noticeable connection problem occurred. I'm probably the only one with this problem since my I'm stucked with this crap yet expensive internet connection.

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I have the same issue. The last few days my ping has been crazy and a lot of unresponsive feeling. I can't play well in this state which is terrible since I just bought some premium time. I tried playing EU and it has better consistent ping wtf. What did they changed?

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