The old thread has been retired, a new executable has been released by WG to automatically enable replays if you're not confident with editing the preferences.xml file yourself.   You can still continue using the old method if you prefer.     Instructions:   To turn replays recording ON: Close the game client Download the file and save to the game folder. Run the replays.exe file. After the black window opens, press any key. Start the game and enjoy. If something went wrong (the game doesn't start, etc.), find the preferences.xml.bak file in the game folder and rename it preferences.xml (delete the ".bak") to make it work and restore an archive copy of the settings.
To turn replays recording ON (if the first way didn't work): 1. Open for editing the preferences.xml file. 2. Scroll it till the last lines: </scriptsPreferences> </root>   3. Paste this line before </scriptsPreferences> line <isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled>   4. This is how you should see the result: <isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled> </scriptsPreferences> </root>   5. Save file & launch the game client. 6. Enjoy the game!     To watch replays: Replays are saved to the ..\replays\ folder, which will be automatically created inside the game folder after you play your first battle. To launch the replay, close the game client first. Then drag'n'drop *.wowreplay file to WorldOfWarships.exe or associate file extention with the game executable. Every battle generates separate replay file. Port cannot be recorded. Replays might not work properly or exit with an error if you record them with one version of the game client and then try to launch them with another version. Replay controls: 'Insert' & 'Delete' for playing speed control 'End' for pause (which is actually x100 slower speed) 'Home' for normal speed 'LMB' for toggling camera direction between free & recorded '>' & '<' for fast-forward & rewind (can be used together with 'Ctrl')     Downloadable instructions:  howtoenablereplay.pdf   31.4K   howtoenablereplay.pdf