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Premium Shop Fiasco

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Well, here we are, browsing the Asian Premium shop looking for new and interesting ships and what do we discover? Buggar all actually.


The Ship tab in the Premium Shops looking pretty bloody bare, a grand total of six ships; Perth, Atago, Atlanta, Murmansk, Ishizuchi and Aurora.


That's right, a three light cruisers, one heavy cruiser, one ancient battleship and one protected cruiser. Pretty poor selection wouldn't you agree?


If we go and look at the other servers, well it's a far different story, a way, way way different  story.


The NA server currently offers 19 ships, including Warspite, Texas, Tirpitz and Belfast. In fact they offer five battleships, one carrier, four destroyers, and nine cruisers.


The EU server goes even further, offering a total of 25 ships, including rarities such as Marblehead, Diana, Dunkerque, Prinz Eugan and Indianapolis. EU players can choose from seven battleships, one carrier, three destroyers and 14 cruisers.


Come on Wargaming EU, get with the program, why do we always end up with the worst end of the stick? Why do we always have the least number of sales, the weakest selection of ships, the slowest updates and the least helpful customer service?


I watch Jingles YouTube channel and he openly mocks WoWS Asia for not being able to get their stuff together so he can offer his viewers the same prizes as he can his NA and EU viewers. Apparently game codes and such on Asia is 'too hard' for Wargaming Asia to do. Which kind of sums up the whole system we are stuck with out here.


Not good enough guys, you can do better.

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Yeah the premium shop is the only thing I truly hate about Asia server. I want to have some good choices in shop permanently like Anshan/Saipan, etc...Never have the patience to save money till these ships come out :(


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Like Chawp said, we got







Prinz Eugen


Krispy Kreme



Thats 10 ships already in the client (excluded the one from the shop), so Asia got 16 ships right now.


 Hmm... :fishpalm:

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Dear OP,


If i may suggest a link for your references regarding Premium Ships just by clicking here


You can check out my signature too should you miss the link.




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It would be nice to have those other ships available.


I must admit, I have bought a hell of a lot of premium ships, but some of them will never leave port.....Ever!


I think I buy them more for collecting than playing.

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You do realise that most of those ships you mentioned can bought in-game with doubloons right?


Unfortunately, it's easier for people to complain than to do a bit of research.

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So if you purchase the ship ingame using doubloons, does it come with a slot port?



you'll have to buy port slot

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The ASIA premium shop offered items is in compare to  RU/EU/NA Premium much smaller.


RU/EU/NA have a greater selection same time nice packages. ASIA Server mostly standard items..

Most of the new premium Ships are offered 2-3 weeks after the are released on the other Server.

Actual Example: König Albert, up to now cant buy it.


I can understand  a time delay between the areas , but i cant understand so long delays .

My feeling is special on the Ru/NA Premium Shops the management are try to offer a nice selection on premium goods

and make it for the customer more interessting.


One Game 4 different Shops,  1 Class Customer , 2 Class Customer, 3 Class Customer , 4 Class Customer?



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