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Opinion on the 4th Captain Skill for RN CL T 6+

RN 4th rank Captain Skills  

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  1. 1. 4th Tier Captain Skills

    • Advanced Fire Training
    • Survivability Expert
    • Tea (Instead of Bacon)

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Greetings all,


Grinding away, very happily on the RN line.


Im still only using the Leander and Fiji currently, and a Belfast between to captain swap. Both captains are reaching the 4th tier skills.

What are the opinions to take, extra health or extra range for AA/secondaries?


Im leaning towards health, obviously with the health regen the line has as well, this only makes it more tankier. Has anyone made it into an AA/select brawler vessel?


Any thought to classes higher up T8+ and if i take a captain forward what skill set would be more worthwhile?

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I prefer not to swap commanders between Belfast and the tech tree ships. Make a dedicated one instead and pick DE for her while for the rest of the line you might just wanna pick SE. If you're going anyway for both the Neptune and Minotaur, then manual AA could be another to consider as well (especially in Neptune).

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I think from tier 5 - 7, you should get survivability expert since your AA is not as impactful as the ones on the higher tier ships. The extra bit of damage can gives you a bit more resistant to enemy fire because low tier battles tend to happen at medium to close range. 


But once you unlocked the edinburgh or above, your AA is going to kick in, much more powerful than lower tier ships. I recommend you take advanced firing training from tier 8-10 to increase that beastly AA potential  of yours. 

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AFT to make you actually can set some fires

SE to make you became even better exp pinata

MFAA to farm CV tears

ASE for... the lul? 

DE best skeelz 11/10


On the serious note AFT works for higher tier better but if you don't want to respec, at lower tier it is an okay skill.

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