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What happened to the damage compensation done by friendly?

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Do I need to pay the repair bill? Yes.

Do I get low experience and credits from being in the game but not doing enough because someone BEHIND me decided to torp at the enemy while I am between the target and his/her launcher? Yes.

Do I suffer when the match is a lost? Yes.

I did not run into someone else's torpedoes. I was ambushing behind an island waiting for two targets to appear on the other side. I was fully stopped. Not moving.

Next thing I know is torpedo warning from behind me. That [censored] was doing a drive by firing torps blind at the same 2 targets. The torpedoes were launched with me right in the path. Its a tier 7 game....

When is it ok to die a wrongful death and not get compensated for it by that 'friendly' [censored]?

Who decided it this way. Tell me your name and the reason, please.

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You have to pay the bill regardless of tk or not. However the person tk'd you will lose extra credits and exp. Now that WG do not add the credits to victim's reward anymore, they should crank it up to full compensation with significant base xp penalty.

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