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Begininers' Guide To BattleShips Part 4

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Today we'll look at Tier 4 and 5.


In Tier 4 we start to see the individual national flavors to start showing. 


American- Shotgun. Hard hitting power, but, well, it's a giant shotgun. Good luck in hitting at beyond meduim range for yourself with 50% plus of your salvo. Decent AA, mostly focused in short and medium range AA, which is highly dangerous to circling fighters and dive bombers.  Watch out for Torpedo bombers. Oh, and you stay slow. Sloooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  SLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


Japanese- Squishy long range fire and fast battleships/crusiers.  With the Myogi, you recieve a crash course in angling and showing your broadside.  You also get Tier 5 lessons early. Don't snipe at long range. Myogi is unique in that to play the Myogi well, you have to Pensacola well.  Myogi is very different from all other battleships in the tech trees.


German- Good armor and citedal protection and secondaries.  Not the slowest like the Americans, but not the fastest BB's either overall.  (Enjoyed this tier, was a super seal clubber with it. Am going back after the last ARP mission and get the wyoming to see what the difference is. If not, I got me 2 seal clubbers! xD)


Over all Tier 4 teaches all BB drivers these lessons. 

1- Reinforce the lessons you should have learned in T3.  Shoot that DD! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Gohan!

2- Angling. If you show your broadside you'll start to be punished for it.  Also, it's not always the best to have all your guns pointing at the target.  you can shoot the front 2 and then wait for 10 seconds, show and shoot the back guns at the target.  Confuse them or force them to show a broadside sometime.

3- CV threat- CTRL and left click on airplanes to help you shoot them down before they drop their loads on you and make you sticky. Turning when you see them coming in to hit you and driving in groups.



Tier 5

The last of the lower Tiers or the Start of the Mid-Tiers depending on how you look at it.  Right now as of this writing, it's the start of the Mid-Tiers for the most part.

One of the lessons the current MM makes you learn, is to reinforce the pushing lesson from T3.  No, as a T5 you are not going to win a fight with T7 BB's in a straight up even fight.  So push in and use your bow to reduce the hurt you take.  You'll take hurt, but close until you can shoot and aim for their guns. Knock out their guns and force them to repair them.  Set them on fire with HE if they are angled.  Get in close and brawl with them. Up close, you'll hit them as hard as they hit you and you have more guns than the T7s.  Use your larger number of main guns to hit them hard.  You can influence and have fun in the battle.  Get in close and embarrase the heck out of us upper tier BB's. 

If this is still an issue because of skill level or ship you have.  Division up with a friend who drives a T4 or T5 CV as they will only see a pluse/minus 1 so if you div with a T5 CV, you will only see T6 enemies at worst, and if you div with T4 CV you will see T5 enemies at worst unless, MM hates you and goes with your T5 BB as the base.

Another lesson that you start to learn is to not snipe.  You'll start to get range on your guns and you'll be tempted to use it, but you won't hit anything at your max range.  Now is the time if you have your aim right, that you'll start to get cits on purpose as well.


American- Your specific lesson is to angle and tank well.  Learn how to position on the map and be where the battle will be or be left behind without doing anything useful.


Japanese- Learn to use your speed and angles to your advantage.  You can do a lot to move around the map when fully upgraded, but don't broadside or you can be deleted by other battleships. That's a lot harder to do with the other T5 BB's than you.


German-Learn to trust your secondaries, as your dispersion is extra RNGSHOOT THE RAINBOW!  even more than the famous American line for this.

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I captain a Wyoming nowadays and I often wind up in T5 battles,stock.In my first battle I managed to bag a Furutaka and a Myogi,but in the next battle I was pummelled by a New York and a König.What should I do to stay alive the longest?

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