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Begininers' Guide To BattleShips Part 3

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Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time since I updated the guide for battlewagon drivers.  Life happens you know.


Well, this time I'll be talking about each line and tier from 3-7 only, as that's as far as I have gotten.  I'll update this as I write over time, so keep an eye out!



American- These are your all around brawlers, they can brawl with everything, but nothing in particular.  This is especially true in the high tiers when American AA gets to ridiculous levels. Don't ever try to snipe your battle away in this line, you'll never do well.Get in there with your crusiers and you'll make lots of credits and xp even if you lose.  Also, don't ever stop as the low to mid tiers are slow ships.  If you stop or guess wrong on where the battle will happen, or you snipe for 10 min, you'll miss the battle entirely.

German- The newest line.  These are ship brawlers pure and simple.  They excell in battling close quarters with other ships and for low and mid tiers, have better aa than American line.  (longer range guns for the most part).  Don't try to snipe as this line has the worst dispersion and RNG gets to screw with you the most on this line.  They are not the slowest, but not the fastest line in the world. Very good armor, that makes it very hard to citidel.  But it is possible.  This is I feel to be the most friendly to new BB drivers as you can make mistakes and not be punished too badly. 

Japanese- This is typically your fastest line after Tier III.  They also have the best dispersion of all the lines.  Sniping is possible, but sniping in a BB is defined in finding your hit range.  Example, T5 Kongo, when fully upgraded has more than 20 km range, but hit range starts at around 16km. So sniping for a Kongo is 16-17 km away, not 20 or even 17.1 km away.  This line is also the most squishy line (easiest to pen or citidel) when broadside on.  If you like fast BBs that hit hard and control the battle flow, then this line is for you. 


In short, please see earlier guides for why BB's should get up close and personal and not stay far away. 


Next Update will start on what each tier will teach you starting with T3.

Hopefully soon. (This update was 11/2/2016)


Tier III

The Beginning Tier for Battleship players.  In this tier, there is no real difference between the nations.  They are all slow, short ranged and frusting to play as they are regarded to be the worst overall BBs of each line.  This is true and yet not true.  When you know what you are doing, they are quite fun to play.  More importantly, they teach 4 things a Battleship player will need for the rest of line they play.


Lesson 1- PUSH!  PUSH! PUSH!  The short range and slow speed force you to push.  Remember, you are the most influential ship on the battlefield when you are in a group.  You hold areas on the map and take them as well.  You can hold CV at bay when in a group of other ships.  You must push and push and push!  You are an American football player, push your way to a touchdown. You are a sumo wrestler, push your opponent to the ground and sit on their face and punch it!  PUSH!!!!!!!

Lesson 2 - Torpedo Beats. Learn to dodge torpedoes, Turn early before you see the torpedoes.  In short, watch Mighty Jingles or I Chase Gaming. They talk about this alot.

Lesson 3 - Aiming your guns.  When you have learned how to do this, even T3 BB's pack a massive punch and can rack up huge damange numbers for tier.

Lesson 4 - Cammo, Yes Cammo.  For all the T3 BB's their detection range is the same or greater than their gun range.  The cheapest cammo, 8,000 silver, can reduce the detection range below your gun range.  This can give you the first undetected shot at broadside targets. It also lets you know if another ship is in your gun range if you can't see them.  With this, you learn that if they see you, you can shoot them when they show up.  Cammo, gives all BB's a massive edge to be even better.  It is worth the silver as you can get.


One last thing.  Don't free xp past T3.  Take the time to earn the xp in the ship to unlock everything in T3.  When you do well in T3 BB play, you'll do well in all the other tiers. 

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Nice guide! Overall could explain each nations. Would recommend to all new Captains.



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Since most battleships should be played differently based on different game mode and maps, you might as well include some tactical sections regarding positioning, finding the right flank, closing the gap, prioritizing targets, proper ammo type and proper engagement range etc. Nice though, keep them coming, I think these will be helpful for new battleship players.

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