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how to install custom skins from "Tanz Shipyard" ?

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1. Each ship has a nation, remember it.

2. One mod may have many variant folder in the zipped file, so "Extract each archive to separate folder"

3. And each variant may have more variant inside it (e.g weathered hull or no-rust one, with or without [insert *azi text]


Download all what you want, then go to (2) for each of extracted folders, then go to (3)

Choose what variant you want, go inside and copy the sub-variant you want to the /textures folder outside contains those sub-variant files.

Remember (1), get inside and copy only the /content folder to designated mod folder (this's best situation), it only contain ship folder and some more folders, use (1), then copy it (whole lots folders) to the folder which has the name of (1) (you may need to create that folder) and paste it there.


This costs time, a lot, and you may get error cause you cant get in battle, delete all folders under the same parent folder as /textures

It's big, ~2-3GB and you can reuse it, store it anywhere other than res_mods/ and you're safe from WG's updates.






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