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Your true Ghost Stories

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Welcome to the true ghost stories thread where we can all post stories about encounters with the otherworldly creature lurking and walking among us.


Before posting, here's some rule about what you should do and type:


1) The stories must be real : It must be experienced by either you,your friends,families and relatives.No urban legends,folk stories, etc, unless your/their experience is somewhat connected to said legend.

2) Use spoilers: Put your stories in spoilers.Part reason is to reduce the amount of scrolling,the other is explained in the reason below.

3) Put some warning: Should your story is scary(and true) enough,put some disclaimers like "Not to read close to bedtime". General rule:If just recalling the experience/stories is enough to make you feel uneasy,then  a warning label is required.

4)Evidence: Got evidence like photos or videos? You can put it here as well.Just remember to use spoilers.You can censor it if you want,but make sure the paranormal activity is preserved.


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As the OP,it is my duty to write my own. So here goes


 This happens back in 2007. My house is not renovated at that time,so practically the kitchen area,especially the corridor leading to it and the store just next to the kitchen is considered as the "hardest"(Malay slang for indicating the place is haunted) location in my house. I remember that to get to the kitchen,I had to go through the corridor.It's just a straight corridor and at the end you turn left to the kitchen and right for store. And I can say that these two places are quite dark,even at broad daylight and such the lights had be switched on at all times.Practically everyone in the house had tasted what is like to encounter it. My brother often came home late at night and he often remarks about seeing something perched on the roof.I myself have some random encounters,mostly hearing footsteps and sounds of sand being thrown from the roof.Even neighbors said they saw something walking on the roof. But I never thought just a routine laundry job would ended leading to to the reason I write this story.


So to make it easy,that morning my mom told me to do the laundry.At that time,the washing machine is located near the store,which is at the end of the corridor.So as I unload the laundry into the basket I got uneasy feeling of someone,or something watching me from my back.At first I just go ahead and turned on the television to alleviate that feeling.It worked for a while.I continued my work and again I felt the uneasy sensation.So this time I turned my back and there near the refrigerator,I saw a figure of a women,long black hair,all white clothes staring at me.In all the sudden she appears,she vanished.All I know afterwards was I dashed all the way upstairs and didn't dare to stay downstairs for a while.At first I thought it's just me,but a week later my mother said she saw the same women as well,this time upstairs.


But that's not the end.Even though the haunting died down after the renovations(mostly because many of the places such as the corridor has been removed),the kitchen is still the most haunted spot in my house.My brother once went to have a drink at night.He said he saw something in the window.At first he thought it was a reflection of a car headlight since there is a car passing by at that time,but he looked again and realized that's no headlights but rather the same women I saw.Mind you the renovation was done in 2011,my brother said this in 2013.


Until today I refuse to stay downstairs alone even during day time.Usually before 10pm I stocked all my water bottles and occasionally smuggle biscuits into my room.And if I positively had to go downstairs after 10pm,I turned on all the lights,take everything I need,turn off the lights and bolted upstairs.


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 I was in Boarding school....

It was a place of IJA HQ. So all those history were there. One night, i skipped my prep class and went back to my dorm cause im so tired. I was 10pm. Just like OP said. It was the hardest place or "keras (malay)". but when you are tired. you just dont give a "care". And i saw a women (possible rape victim). Her head was upside down and she was walking like a frog but so fast. It may seem funny but i run like Usain bolt. But the funny thing is, i ran backwards. While facing her... Cause i dont want when i turned my head around.. She ll be behind me.. If there is a contest on running backwards. I ll win 1st prize. And i never sleep in the a holy place that night. Full of friends. Even i hugged my friend cause i was too scared. God knows how scared i am. 

To me. All place that once occupied by IJA is haunted. Like changi and stuff. So when that thing happen again. Its normal. Caue im used to it. Just dont care about it and live in your world. 

But above the dorm.. There is a picture of a ghost. captured on those lockers. Snapped just before we ended our Mid exams.. 

Never knew there was a ghost. I never believed them. Most of our students are bright. Among the top 10 in our country. All majoring in science. So we never believe this stuff. But there is. 

There is always a ghost

Imagine ghost on wrecks. Shipwrecks. There is always something. But we cant see it

hope my story entertain you guys

Hope u guys dont mind on the grammar. i dont want to check... 



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I actually wonder how I would react if I did see a ghost... Maybe invite him for a BBQ

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i don't believe in ghost but i do have spooky experience way back in high school

>2nd year high school
>have backyard camping in front of abandon convention center next to a highway
>locals and even motorist knows the ground was hunted
>didn't believe, we even explore inside the building and its rooms. expect the lock ones, some iditos even start shouting inside and making fur of the echo sound.
>first night nothing happens.
>next day some "hiking" activities. more like a stroll with your group on area set by teachers.
>afternoon, my group was practicing our cheers and skit for activities for the night program. most are enthusiastically practicing but some are not.
>suddenly one of our dude point next to a tree and said, "dude wtf was that thing".
>the tree was 20m away from us next to the highway. next to it was a creature 2 feet tall. wearing all white and has long hair extending to its feet.
>its like she is peeking on us and watching us practice, and everybody in the group can see it.
>we call the other group to check out the thing we saw, but when they arrive the creature was no longer there.
>the night, we have a opening play featuring a fight between the lord of light and darkness.
>some kids are crying because the voice of a actor who play lord of darkness is really well done. some of us are even clapping for the performance.
>few hours when the program was running smoothly, a senior student accompanied by a teacher come from inside the building.
>not sure what they done inside the building ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)   
>few moments later she start to berserk, it seem she was posses (lel). people try to subdue her
>few minutes has pass and another one joins the fray, this time was a gradeschool teacher.
>people are start praying and try to exorcist the ghost out of the body.
>i believe they even brought a religious leader like a priest
>forgot the detail about it.
>some people are crying
>some are scared
>i find it really an amusing and unique experience
>in the end, it seems they manage to exorcist the ghost/spirit or whatever it is according to them.
>they start more praying
>next they we leave the campsite. we have another night to spend but after that event the teacher decided leave because its not safe.
>went to school first then say goodbye to our group-mates and friends before we went home.
>manage to reach home safely
>my grandma check the stuff i brought with me.
>it turns out that i left the pot cover in the camp site
> oh shit.jpg
>my grandma insist that i have to recover it. my grandpa offer me a ride with his motorbike
>we return to the camping site. to my surprise, there was an accident. a truck get out of control and ram the tree next to highway at the front of our camping site.
>before we return, i look back ones again to the building. suddenly i have a huge goose bump.
>that was spooky.jpg.

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Get spooked by ghost....................... I am really never met it or perhaps depend on personal belief 


I felt scared when the others talk about it and still around me  

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 this was when I was still in my old home, but one morning I woke up to go to the toilet for a piss. After that was done right across the bathroom was the door towards the corridor that connects to the kitchen, maid's room, and stairs to the roof, and I don't know if it was my head but I heard what sounded like from the kitchen was a whisper calling my name. The fact that this was weird enough is also added by the fact that that area has no one in it and that area is quite a haunted area in my old home especially the maid's room. This isn't the only paranormal thing that has happened in that house and I hope that when the contractor bought it and renovate it all the weird things are gone


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I have a distant relative, used to be into photography. This was during the time where people still used film cameras.

One day during the 7th month he decided to go take photographs of people giving offerings, burning incense, etc.

According to relatives, during the photography session, he used alot of flash and adjusted the offerings to get a better shot.

Soon weird this started to happen. He was always complaining he could see "a head at the ceiling corner" staring at him.

Then one night he started screaming. His parents ran into his room. He was saying a "burnt man crawled through his window and went under his bed." There was nothing under his bed, but weird thing was, they could all smell a terrible stench in his room.

They took him for an exorcism and things became better, but everyone said he was never the same. His parents suspect he can still see things sometimes but they don't bother him as much as before.

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