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CBT Jet Fighters and upgraded Bombers for Carrier split tech tree?

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For USS Split Tech tree suggestion:


Fighter Torpedo Bomber Dive Bomber
IV Curtiss F4C IV Martin T4M IV SBC Helldiver
V F2A Buffalo V  ??? V  SB2U-1 Vindicator
VI Grumman F6F-3 VI TBD Devastator VI SB2U-3 Vindicator
VII Curtiss XP-55 VII Consolidated TBY VII SB2U-5 Vindicator
VIII F7F Tigercat VIII TBM Avenger VIII McDonnell XP-67
IX XF5U-1 Flapjack IX Kaiser XBTK-1 IX  Curtiss XTBM-1
X Mcdonell F2H X XF8 X Curtiss XBTC


For IJN Suggestions:

Fighters Torpedo Bombers Dive Bombers
IV Nakajima A2N IV Mitsubishi B1M IV Aichi D1A1
V Mitsubishi A5M2 V Nakajima B4N V Aichi D1A2
VI Mitsubishi A6M2 VI Nakajima B5N VI Aichi D3A1
VII Mitsubishi A6M5c VII Yokosuka D4Y VII Aichi D3A2
VIII Mitsubishi A7M2/J2M2 Shiden VIII Aichi B7A2 VIII Aichi B7A2
IX Kawanishi N1K1/N1K5-A VIII Nakajima B8N IX Manshu Ki-98
IX J7W1 Shinden IX Nakajima C6N1 IX Wakusei

X Nakajima J8N/Kyushu J7W2

X Yokosuka R2Y2 X Nakajima J5N


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