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Strongest Cruiser Line

Strongest Cruiser Line  

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for overall confort, take IJN
for best T10 CA, take strok ruskies
for a painful grind to painful T10, take KM
for moar salty CV tears, take USN

for players who are into S/M, take RN to feel the pain of getting oneshotted and the joy of whacking people fron snoke with impunity

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depends on the player to make the cruiser strong, actually.


If you want lulz, then I'll throw my 2 cents:


US if you want to be that most reliable skub that can get shit done on what is asked. Des Moines fires at an ungodly 6 seconds for a heavy cruiser and its glaring liability being the rainbow arcs can be a strong asset in punching through other cruisers' decks with its equally ungodly AP when it gets really close


Japan if you want to strike first, hard, and maximizing the time you are seen with more pain you can deal before vanishing like you never existed. Zao is a very notorious HE demon and its AP is really fast. its effective for surprising the shit out of other cruisers by simply appearing and firing.


Germany if you want to shoot everything with your nice AP as a second line cruiser. Hindenburg is that sturdy cruiser that has a good broadside weight and is basically your most traditional heavy cruiser in most cases


Russia if you want to dedicate your cruiser tenure in blasting other people from afar and setting them on fire. Moskva is the most insane heavy cruiser ever put into the game


the Brits if you want to deal small yet consistent damage with the added threat that they can whack destroyers out of the water and other cruisers along with the ability to single fire torpedoes for laughs and giggles or create a giant cloud filled with the biggest middle finger destroyer smoke could ever do. Minotaur is unrivaled in rate of fire and AA suite and you can ninja the hell out of her.

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There is a quote for IJN Ca users or Zao. Which i held to it really tight. Remember this quote and keep inspired. :izmena:



Yet i think others CA have their own superb capabilities.

IJN with their Fuel Barrel HE that will keep you burning in each salvo
USN with their AP that pierce through angled armor

KMS with their turtleback armor and awesome AP dmg
Ruskies with their "balanced" moskva guns that can make u cry from 18km away. 
RN? I dont study this ship yet. Since i dont see much minatour YET. 

But what i found in a few games when meeting minatour. 

She is capable of invisifiring like zao. Better than zao. 

Awesome stealth

Downside. Armor like paper and firing AP only

Probably if Dev put HE and you keep spamming like Atlanta. It will promote Global warming :great:
Study your enemy well. It might help you in games

All ship are good. If the captain is good. 

Its your choice to pick Lines. Some prefer USN. Some prefer Tea. Some prefer coffee. Personal preferences


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I have to say the best cruisers easily are the UK CLs.

They feature high penetration AP shells that can easily decimate a destroyer or cruiser at close to long range.

Add to that the maneuverability of a slightly larger destroyer and smoke starting at the mid tiers and you'll probably see why

this nation's cruisers are the best out there.


And that's without mentioning their ability to use the Repair Team consumable starting at tier III!

Get hit for half your hitpoints due to some lucky BB?

Replenish it immeadiately and torpedo the cake out of that dude.

10/10 ign


They do require some getting used to, however once you're good to go you'll start wrecking everybody on the enemy team.

Most glorious line of ships in the entire game.

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always Russian...

Moskva can citdael any Cruisers 0-22km

Moakva can Citdael any Battleships 0-22km

Moakva is a Zao2.0

Moakva is a Hindenbrug2.0

Moakva has the longest radar


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i think like what alot of others have said it depends on the skill of the captain and there play style and how well they know the ship inside and out with its weakness and advantages persoanly though im a bb player and ocasianal dd with the sims so all i know is zao is most deadly with he and torps to boot but other cruisers defently have there qualitys and perks

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They all play differently.


Each to their own. IJN has the lower skill ceiling.


RN has the highest of all. Followed by USN then Russian then german.


You really can't make a recommendation which line to go down. Do you like setting things on fire or do you like punching things with AP?


I like them all and I'm working on getting the RN tier 10 cruiser before the Zao. I am enjoying the RN grind thats all it matters.

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Japan : Most Versatile line, with ergonomics in mind

So often Versatility is  what Cruiser gameplay is - no need to best at anything, cause they have answer to every kind of situation just like Swiss Army Knife

Resourcfull Cruiser skipper will appreciate what swiss army knife can do, just like MacGyver did


US : Best support Line, need to stay in fleet to be effective, 

The lack of Torpedoes, and speed just highlight the weakness that this line that will have hard time turning the tables or escaping when got cought and isolated, further empahazise the need to be with team 


German : German Cruiser is opportunistic sniper, but no slouch in close combat either

Hi tier German Cruiser were balanced versatile ship, that can fight at any range.its like an assault rifle with scope


Russian : Russiya Cruiser were Annoying Skirmisher that constantly Harras (sometimes in lewd way) people from safety of rearguard. 

Like its Light Cruiser broda (Rus DD), Russian Cruiser excell at kiting - enemy that decide to persue will literaly dancing in palm of their hand, Though once cought in close range - they usualy melt away quickly


British CL : basicly tried to be James Bond, blistering with gadgets but armed with puny small gun

Like in history, British need American and Russian Help wo win the war, Biritsh CL need a lot of teamates help to be usefull too

Smoke-spam shell shinanigans -> need teammates to be spot for them

Shell over Island Shinanigans -> need teammates to be spot for them

Forcing enemy Broadside / break enemy angling -> need teammates distract them or allied throw some torps away to force them angled

Brits empasize on team play, and less on Individual prowness. since all above factor can preaty darn much outside of player control - it can be frustating (especialy in random pub)

furthermore like James Bond, they relied on incompetent enemy, enemy that makes mistake, or relliable allied

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Japan Imperial Shells

Stronger than Stalinium Shells

Faster than Freedom America Shells

Better than Glorious German Overengginered Shells

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The radar of the brits, russians and the americans are very nice, but I'd say IJN CAs are still the most all rounded, multipurpose cruiser in the game. Can be either torpedoboat or gunboat with different builds.

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for a painful grind to painful T10, take KM

How is the grind for Kriegsmarine Cruisers painful? The only one I had issues with is Yorck (Currently at stock Roon).

Otherwise the rest of that statement is so true

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