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WG should think about TK in Rank game.....

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It was 14 ~11(maybe) rank game....

and everything fine until enemy Edinburgh died himself.

First I thought it was system error.

Then Enemy team cried for ' report that Edinburgh for TK' 

So I reported him but still

I was speechless about this......

How TK can get to this high rank?

I'm not that salty person who cares about tashkent etc.......

But this is too much and shouldn't happen in rank.



We won but it was not fun, and still I'm very angry about this........also felt sorry for enemy players for a unfair game.

That Edinburgh player ruined both team......


There must be a system that keeps TK away from rank game or even ban his ID for a while....





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When you are salty. You sprinkle salt to others. NaCl will be everywhere. 


But im sure one of his teammate will send the replay file to WG support..

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