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[Praise RNG]Got 250 Premium Damage Control Party from one container

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EDIT: IM DUMB, should have red patch notes, syanda plz close this thread. Regards


Its free:great:save me lot of credits

That's like 22500*250=5,625,000 credits or 15*250=3750 doubloons which equates to 21 AUD:teethhappy:

Already in love with the container system


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>Praise RNG


And yet another person fails to read the patch notes...

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Allow me to "ease" the pain from "salt_effect" . The following is taken from here and you might want to review them again should i miss anything other than the stated patch notes especially the [uPDATED] tag.

Starter Gift

Each player who has been playing before version 0513 will receive 5 containers (despite the account level) (one of every type) as a gift after the release of version 0.5.13. Those who registered after 0513 release date will not get these gift containers. [uPDATED] This will help all players to immediately see the advantages of this new system. In contrast to standard containers, these containers will include predetermined rewards:

  1. Container with Credits
    • 50,000 credits
    • Consumable "Smoke Generator II" x 3
    • Signal Flag "Hotel Yankee" x 3
  2. Container with Signal Flags
    • 500 Free EXP
    • SIgnal Flag "Sierra Mike" x 5
    • SIgnal Flag "November Foxtrot" x 5
  3. "Try your luck" Container
    • Camouflage "Ocean Soul" x 5
      (Detectability Range:  -3%, Credit Bonus: +20%, EXP Bonus: +100%, Enemy's  Maximum Dispersion: +4%)
  4. Supercontainer
    • Consumable "Damage Control Party II" x 250
  5. Container with Consumables
    • Consumable "Damage Control Party II" x 3
    • Consumable "Defensive AA Fire II" x 3
    • Consumable "Engine Boost II" x 3


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It is at that moment that little johnny realized, he had [redacted] up

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