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10 k battles, 100 ships

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I did it 10 000 battles completed Tuesday





The medals along the way.



Obviously solo warrior is the hardest to get but the easiest to get are; devastating strike; first blood,

Detonations are at roughly 1.2 % of battles.

Ships and flags







got to Tier 7 in everything except British cruisers obviously which came out today close to getting the Benson and Tashkent and should get them in the next week or so about half way to the mogami and 20k into the long grind for the Bismark. Barely started on the schors. For T8 Both CVs are about halfway through their grinds Amagi is going through the upgrade grinds.

The T9s I have Iowa, Baltimore and Kagero. of these only the Baltimore is fully upgraded



Here's to another 10 k battles

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congrats on your milestone


and thats alot of achivement, wish i'm not that potato of the potato


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10 k battles and no tier 10 ships.

 Congrats on not rushing to top tier. :medal:


But I'm most impressed by the 46 ships you sunk by ramming. :izmena:

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Well done :honoring: Astounding perseverance. I would probably quit long before reaching there.

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conratzzzz :honoring:


do you have all ship from tier 1 - 7?


correct me if i wrong, but there are 176 ship right? (more if we count the Post CBT )

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Impressive :yes_cap:

I'm about 2.6k battle

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355 posts
20,207 battles

Thanks for the comments :)

I could get to the emerald with free xp today if I wanted to  and I would be 70k xpshort of the Fiji which is the T7.

For the Tech tree ships yest I have all expect the RN CAs which were released today.

Not sure how many there are but that sounds about right

The premiums   T7 and below  I don't have are.




Marblehead lima



Tachibana marblehead

Fujiun and minekaze clones other than kamikaze R


Kransky Krym

Diana Marblehead

Konig Albert. But no one has those on this server

Belfast. Unreleased here



I try to go for the win and am often way to aggressive. I consider it a good battle If I do my own hit points in damage and surviving isn't important for winning which is nice.

Ramming always is fun:honoring:

I play what I feel like and limit my grinding so it doesn't get too boring I am grinding ship lines about 1 in 3 battles ATM.


Favourite ships; Albany, Wyoming, Blyscawicia

I have been working on improving mt numbers and this time last year I was about 20k average damage mid 40s WR and roughly 3 k battles. I  am only banana right now although depending on the class/type of ship any where from potato to nearly purple

Its a long hard and bumpy road but fun along the way most of the time:)

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