Well, since the new loot crates are in the field displayed by that simple freighter beside your ship like this:     I gotta ask:   what did you find in the bawkses when you opened em? Happiness? Or disappointment seasoned with salt?   Looking forward to see people rejoicing at fortunes gained in that deck... be it tears that they drew a prem ship or a pot of gold or simply lulz that ensued as RNG gave you a hard middle finger.   In the Game of Bawkses, you either score big or generate more salt. There's a bit of a middle ground.   Oh right gais, it would help if you include this bit as well. This was the old survey Lordofcaptain did before the whole bloody thing was merged to my thread (apparently, the Altar of Salt requires a singular sacrifice) so please do fill it up.     Change name edit to : Cargo ship containers: unpacking.   I for one welcome the freighter ship's deck being the singular Altar of Salt.   Edited topic title after merging all the super container threads ~dead_man_walking