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UI Bug

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Issue:   UI suddenly disappear then appearing again

Screenshots: mPoCJAI.jpg pJ1Co0i.jpg

Ship: Kamikaze R
Map: New Dawn
Occurrences:  Rarely happen
Tested: happen several times when i'm accidently press ctrl button
Severity: Big impact, i don't even know if weapon is finished their reload or my consumable finished their delay
Details:  UI suddenly disappear after i accidently pressing ctrl button, it blipping like crazy, and when i sunk my game crashed



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I have the same problems as you did, Admiral_Sonoda_Umi. First, the Ui was gone, and it kept flashing, then the game crashed after a few seconds. All these suddenly happened, randomly,  when I pushed "shift" or "Ctrl". And there is no response by pushing "Ctrl+G". I have encountered these bugs four times recently. But not like you, sir, I have no mods.

And all four crashes happened while sailing "Hatsuharu".(coincidence?)


I got this message:

The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close

(EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x76CF13B8) (Write @ 0xC04F4748)

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