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USS Indianapolis - Men of Courage (2016) film has already been released. Link to the IMDB Title can be found here  . Some screenshot from the official IMDB title as per following:





Officially the movie is schedule to release on 14th October 2016. Some factual error is displayed according to the comment on IMDB and i'm quoting:

 Opening scene Kamakazie attack: the Captain of a Cruiser, Destroyer, Battleship, etc. Would not be standing on the bridge telling the guns to fire over and over again. He would give the "Open Fire" order and the Fire Director for each gun or battery of guns would direct the fire. Further the Captain and all Officers and men not deep within the ship during combat would be wearing their "Steel Pots" (Helmets) until the action was over, as well as life jackets. Small details like this get to me when I'm watching a movie based on an actual historical event.


Personally i didn't know that! And also i think the word "Kamakazie" should be spell Kamikaze . Please correct me if i'm wrong though. Your valueable comments is highly appreciated to keep on topic and not to steer off. Any CA/CL USN Indianapolis Captain would like to comments on how well the ship in-game is really appreciated.

P/S: Dear Mod, please move this post at the appropriate thread should it not fit in here. Thank you.



Best regards.

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