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Question about new experience system

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Hi there,


After these days battled in rank since the new experience and credit system updated. I found it is really hard to keep myself to get the mvp in the team, to keep the stars by playing bb and ca. I dont like to fire at very back of the team and try to keep alive firstly, instead, I like CQC mostly. Which means most time I will get very high damage and damage received. After a tough battle, in the game, I achieved dreadnought, High caliber and cqc achievements. However, after battle, I found myself lost a star! The mvp was granted by the dd with no any achievements at all! so how the new system do the calculation for the experience to be the mvp in the game?! damage? spot? achievements? ribbons? For so many times, I thought i could get the mvp but not! mostly by dds! so could you please explain this to me clearly?


Thank you very much!


PS: The photos attached are one of the game with kutuzov, which granted with 3 achievements and high damage. But the mvp belongs to dds?! 



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now exp is no longer based on damage or capping base or AA

thus if you just doing "damage" only, the exp reward will be smaller gradually, so the best way to get exp now is to doing literally everything

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