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Any grinding tips on the new economy ?

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Obviously we can't just sit here and complain , we have to adapt to changes and move on or quit the game kapp.


Is it still the same style as the old one ? 


do you have to do something more/new ?

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It's not new and has been around for some time displayed by those with no sense of the objectives and/or cowards.

Lemming train, the only way you'll make anything. No use spotting anything if there's nobody to shoot at it for you, no use trying to hold a flank, oh and apparently now DD's have to try and attract fire in order to earn anything.

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Well if you ask me:

  • Do not hug one cap point with the entire team
  • Hunt for enemy team without letting any terrain come between you and rest of the team
  • Don't forget to launch your planes to spot enemies
  • Always try to follow or take support of a DD to benefit from smoke in case of emergencies
  • Stay concealed till enemies are detected
  • If you're detected hide behind islands( Enemies will remain detected as long as they keep firing leading to exchanges from both teams)
  • Try setting fires while returning to safer waters
  • Keep communication active with the team on chat


This is what I've been doing and the recent update( though reduces the maximum XP earned), is enabling me to profit in tier 8 games more easily. I'm looking forward to others to add their share of advice to the above list.

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I find that getting huge potential damage helps. If you are a DD, shoot in the blank space and announce your location for enemy team to hit, now you gotta play Touhou for extra fun :trollface:


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