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Mighty Banhammer REBORN

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Yep,i finally gave in and did it


As some of you might know,the previous

"Mighty Banhammer" was going pretty well until someone apparently impersonated a moderator and well...the thread was sent to rot in the eternal abyss known as the locked threads session. I resisted the urge for a while but ugh....i just have to give it one more shot.


If your new to this game,here is how to play:


Basically,you have to find a reason to "ban" the played aboved you. The reason must have something to do with THE PLAYER'S NAME,PROFILE PIC OR HIS/HER MESSAGE ITSELF. Oh, and however tempting it may be,dont try and pretend to be a moderator.Thats what shut down this thread's parent :(

Anyway,with all that out of the way,lets try to give this thread a better fate.


P.S-  If doing this violates any forum rules that i am not aware of,pls inform me,i will try and close this if so.



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Damn it lewd chan you had to ruin it. I'm afraid mods will close it right away tho

I'll start

Player above me is banned for opening repeated thread :trollface:

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