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I've reached Rank 15 - If I can do it anyone can!

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Yeah, I'm proud to say I made my first milestone in ranked today when I climbed from 18 to 15!. But man talk about feeling like it was done the hard way. 8 high calibres over 35 games but alas I had way to many losing streaks for me to be really happy about it. Even stranger I averaged 20k more damage in ranked in the Bayern than in Random, go figure! I would have thought it would be lower as less ships.


(A special thanks to a Bayern driver who I had 5 games in a row on my team today, who thought he'd hide behind the rest of the team and sponge of them - all were losses, grrrrr. NB: my first win was the next game against him - I enjoyed that game immensely).


I threw just about every flag on I could think of that would help me, everything was premium consumables, along with the type 5 cammo. I will say I started to wonder if it was worth it when you're suffering loss after loss, but I stuck with using them and as I ran out of heals ( i get 5) on a regular basis, I can definitely say I gave it everything.


So anyhow here's my last game and yep another high calibre. I basically found out that if I didn't get a high calibre it was going to be a loss as you can't rely on anyone else. 




So I have the joy of seeing this screen on my Ranked page. Yeah me, O wait I haven't finished my Bismark grind so time to put the foot down on my Gneisenau.




So to those who aren't sure if it's worth it, well for all the grey hairs it's probably caused me just to get here I don't regret putting in the hard work to get the result (I'm already exhausted). It felt good to make this goal. Yes you will get terrible runs, and yes there will be times where you're let done by your team (probably more than once or twice), but don't ever give up as frankly even getting to 15 is an accomplishment.


My hat goes off to anyone who gets up to the top 10, and getting to the top 5 would be like scaling Mt Everest.


Good luck to everyone taking part 



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Meanwhile here's little me cursing the rank up because now I can't grind credits and exp on my tier VIs anymore.

One man's fortune is another's curse.

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Yay congratz! Keep up the good work! And good luck to those who are still trying to do it! You can do it with determination!

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