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PSA: Bismarck's Turret Caesar is fixed

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Previously, when Bismarck was released, I noticed something about Turret Caesar (Turret No. 3 / Turret X)

It had 5 degrees less traverse arc than the Tirpitz. I brought this up to Sub_Octavian




Hello Sub_Octavian!

I bring greetings from the ASIA SuperTest Team. All Hail Vadim.

Thanks for opening up this Q&A Session, I guess I'll get this ball rolling with this question regarding the Bismarck's No.3 Turret.


I've noticed something about the Bismarck and Tirpitz. Particularly the turret arcs of Bismarck's Turret No.3.

It has 5 degrees less turret arcs than the Tirpitz.


As seen here:

Posted Image


In comparison, this is turret no.4:

Posted Image



In Patch 0.5.8, the Tirpitz received a buff to its firing angles.

"Tirpitz: we reconsidered horizontal pointing angles of main guns. As a result, pointing angles of the second the third and the fourth main battery turrets extended at 3, 5 and 1 degrees respectively. The changes became a result of increased accuracy of main guns motion trajectories, which will make the game more comfortable without influencing the ship's balance"


Specifically, the same Turret No.3 on the Tirpitz received a 5 degree turret arc buff.


Is there a reason why the Bismarck's No.3 retains the 40 degree restriction?

Was this change forgotten on the Bismarck? Or was this intentional?
Seems really weird as both ships are identical (Bismarck represents the Class whereas Tirpitz represents the Actual Tirpitz)

Hello. Thank you, and please send my greetings in return.

The issue you are talking about will be fixed, hopefully, in 0.5.12. 



In 5.12, this has indeed been fixed.

Posted Image


Wasn't in the patch notes probably because it was rushed (Asked the question like 2 weeks before 5.12 released)

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