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I don't know where to find research XP

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I'm sorry if this sounds really stupid, but I want to research a ship but the game is telling me I need x more points. How do I find out how many research points I have, and how do I get more? There are two figures at the top right of the screen when I'm in port, but I'm not sure what they mean, or what they do. Can anyone help?

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Top right corner of screen is your free xp, you earn a little each game and each ship you have in port has the amount of xp that ship has collected from games played. Once you have collected enough xp from the ships you are playing you will be able to unlock the next ship in that line.

You can see how much xp is required by selecting the tech tree tab in your port view and moving your mouse over the ship that follows on from your current ship left click for detailed info. Don't use free xp to unlock ships you should use free xp to unlock modules.

the other figure next to your free xp is the credits you have earned, those credits are used to purchase ships and modules.

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Hover your mouse pointer on anything on the port, it will tell you what it means. If you are not familiar with English, try other languages from the settings.

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