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Map Tactics : Big Race

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Hi Admiral,


Today i'm going to create new topic discussing about Map Tactics in general and what is the best strategy to counter enemy warships when playing in certain maps. Mind you that the content is publicly available and accurate at the time of posting. All video, images, material, quotes, copyrights and copyleft are reserved to their respected owners.


Without further adieu, i present you Map Tactics : Big Race 




 Big Race is one of the first maps in our game. From above, it resembles a shoal of little fish fleeing from a predator. This map is well balanced, it is very popular among players and hasn't changed since it was introduced in the game.



Battle intended : Tier II to Tier V

Game mode       : Standard battle and Zone

This map also presents an area which famous with the saying among players which is "Valley of the Death" where it explains by Mr. Sergey Philippov - Head of QA Department WoWS. Destroyers are suggested to go along these area along with light cruisers.


My opinion: Torpedo Boat Destroyer is suggested to go around the valley F3, G3, H3 and H4 while Gun Boat Destroyer is much efficient when fighting around the D4, E5, F5, G5 at either team.


Please leave your comments and your thoughts on how you think the best strategy when commandeering ships any class and help the community to learn more on which strategy is the best to counter enemy warships.


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Yolo a BB with reasonable secondaries into DD corner for the giggles :P


​This.... Works very well with Kaiser and Konig. Just be careful of torpedo wall

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My starting tactics in torpedo boat destroyers on the map Big Race.

In either south or north spawn, I always head for the centre open area but not dead centre, from there you have multiple targets to choose from and a choice of direction thereafter.

With 4 carriers I hang back amongst the islands until the first wave of squadrons have passed, then head into the centre.

With 2 carriers don’t rush in at first, just keep an eye on the squadrons and there direction, generally CVs are busy on the flanks and with each other, if there is a squadron in the centre they will soon off and leave the centre open.

With no carriers, full speed into the centre with boost  


Lately I’ve been avoiding battles with other destroyers (in the beginning), best to let the cruisers deal with them. Later in the battle your find that they are all low health or damage a little bit and therefore they can be taken down easily on a one to one basis. If too many enemies ships are moving into the center there are lots of escape routes.

From here on its just sneaking around the inner circle edge of islands look for targets, including the enemy base.


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