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WG, give me a reason y im banned from the game

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I received a e-mail saying that "Your account has been using illegal means to acquire XP and credits with the use of 3rd party programs or modifications for the 2nd time now. Your account will be sanctioned permanently as an initial warning has already been provided to you. We will no longer reinstate your service." and i do not know what the hack is going on.

I have ALL 12 Tier X ships with 900k remaining public XP and 30M remaining credits. Do u think i need to use BOT to get additional XP and credits????!! It's totally nonsense!!!

I submitted a ticket couple of days ago and i received not even a reply!!!!! 

I spend nearly 10thousand dollars in this game and plz give me a reason for this!!!!!


and here is the game rule (adapt from http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/forum-120/announcement-17-world-of-warships-game-rules/) which contains "permanently banned from the game". Plz point out the one that is suitable for me.

1. "Multiple detections of a user as a team killer and team-damager (systemic recidivism) will resort in escalating suspensions leading to a PERMANENT game account suspension." Plz go and have a look at my battle record and i am 100% sure that i am not deliberately to become a TKer;

2. " In case of detection of signs of massive or overt use of automated scripts or botting software in user’s logs, the user’s account is suspended permanently" Will go and see my battle record below in the attachments. Do you think a BOT can achieve 70.59% win rate in a week? And plz be advised that I have been played a lot with my friends (also see attachment)



Disputing mod/GM/admin decisions. Thread locked, user warned.







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