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Credits lost to team killing

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WOW need to redress this i was just in a match where one member team  killed 3 ships so we lost the battle and no surprise but the whole team missed out on credits and some would have lost credits.

They need to change so that any damage caused to team members is taken off the attacker and not just when the player is pink. we all make mistakes and i cant see why the innocent party should pay the price for someone else's stupidity. The battles are hard enough without the above bollocks. 


I am fast losing my patience with this game and find myself less inclined to be bothered wasting my time and my money.


I have idea to force people to engage and that is lower the rage of all the ships guns to force closer combat



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Then if I don't like you and want you out of my game, I will simply drive my battleship in front of your torpedo salvo. Tada, you back to the port!.


I don't see team killing happen much in mid-high tiers. Yes, there are few idiots out there, but you can send replay file to get them banned for deliberate attempt of TK.


If you don't want to be accidentally team killed, stay away from players who play ARP versions of Myoko (I know not all of them are bad, but most of them are idiots and they keep spamming torps to enemy who are 15 km away from behind the third line of your team), stop jumping around your torpedo DDs and keep blocking their opportunity to torpedo the enemy. They already have a hard time surviving the battle in most cases, don't make it harder.


Close range combat is the most usual scenario for TK to happen. Because there are always some DDs or CAs who think it is a good idea to torp in a brawl.


"I have torpedo, must use them".

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They pay for all your repairs you know


Nope, got TKed once in my yamato and only got around 70k credits, that's not even close to the repair cost of yamato

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