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Carrier's order and control

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The main problem I encounter as a CV is

1. Lost control of squadron while click and drag. Sometimes clicking or aiming cause this and switch the control to the main ship and autopilot the ship to the enemy unnoticed.
I think this can be fixed by add some more range of click and drag to select the squadron, mouse snap while targeting or enlarge the clickable range of small ships or planes. What ever it would suit.

2. A group button or command for multi aircraft control. Like most Real Time Strategic games, controlling multiple unit needs more commands, grouping, and ordering. Could be grouped by player or by plane types.
3. Take off order cancellation. To change the strategy. Higher tier CV especially JPN have many air group and take minutes to take off all of them. In some situation that the plan have to change, this should be an exit.
I'm playing mostly in tier 7 and don't encounter many CV except playing as a CV so add some help to CV may bring more people to play them and reduce the OP of Battleships.

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