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My Second DD battle

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My First battle was just so exciting, huge fun in the we Tier ll ship, I used everything I complained about in previous threads I'd put up into action as best as one could, in other words I was their for my team.


Second battle and having a blast, got a we pain in the chest and arms but carried on for the team, then couldn't, wifey calls ambulance as I'm in the fetal position on the floor (don't fret I'd put the DD in a circle action motion all ready to come back to ..if I could)..back yesterday from four days in CCU unit where they say there's not enough left to stent.


So I tried last night in the we DD again  but being very careful not to get to carried away with this fun :) All Good


Moral : You can die in this game in real life, now THAT is a good game !!


Yup it is indeed a true story.

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That excited by the game you had a heart attack?!


umn, gratz on surviving, but maybe time to relax a bit when playing?

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