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Arpeggio Scenario Mission

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We have been discussing (Me and Division mates) to make playing the game a bit more fun, here is one of it:


Basically its a siege map with scenario for intercepting the Fleet of Fog from Arpeggio Franchise; assuming the ships can be attacked with normal means, just like the usual ARP battles in the normal game. Probably may require new ship models but its a start at least.


We took the setting somewhere near the Bering Sea with some islands added for adaptability for gameplay. The scenario is to engage the fleet blocking the path (Assume Standard battle mode) and capturing area like Domination mode may work too.

The specification for the Scenario is:

  1. Standard Battle or Domination or Bastion (With ARP ships or not) or Eliminate all Ships
  2. Co-Op battle (PvE), with 12 Allied ships vs 24 CPU ships (Can be adjusted based on Tiers - Smaller maps with less players and only limited Tier range)
  3. For ARP mode, there will be Gravity Cannon system, Fleet of Fog Submarine Sonar (as if I-501 attached to Takao; increased sonar output ingame)
  4. Enemy AI Upgrade with Teamwork and also Player input data sent to AI for calculation of Course of Action
  5. Enhanced enemy status or scaled up ships (More HP, farther shot range, higher rate of fire, etc. as required for balance)
  6. Installations to Capture - with Akashi Repair Ship (NPC) for repair (When new installation is captured, Akashi also moves there)
  7. Normal ship configurations can be used too, as for ARP configurations can be arranged to suit balance (Needs testing)


I believe on the other servers events, there was one like a boss battle but didn't get implemented to the Asia server. Basically its like fighting a boss, which require tactics instead of just move around by yourself or a few mates and kill one by one without teamwork. Basically the aim is to increase teamwork and less individuality by shielding themselves behind the tanking ships all the time even if its their turn to tank.


There are a lot of ships in the Arpeggio series, perhaps The Developers will also have to follow some regulations by the Franchisor as to what content can be applied to the game. Thus I will leave the ship design and inclusion to the Developers.

However so, These are the known ones:

  • IJN Ships:
    • Tier X - Yamato class series (BB)
    • Tier IX - I400 series (As Iona)
    • Yukikaze class ships (DD), Kasumi class ships (DD)
    • Tier VIII - Takao class series (CA), Zuikaku, Shoukaku class (CV)
    • Maya class ships (CA)
    • Tier VII - Nagato class series (BB), Myoko class series (CA)
    • Ise class ships (BB)(BBV)
    • Tier V - Kongo class series (FBB)
    • Nagara class ships (CL)
    • Itsukushima class (CL) or Minelayer?
    • Hashidate class (CL)
    • Resupply vessel Shiretoko, Repair vessel Akashi (AR)
  • German ships:
    • Tier VII - Bismarck class series (FBB)
  • USN ships:
    • Tier IX - Iowa class series (BB New Jersey), Fletcher class series (DD)
    • Tier VIII - Lexington class series (CV)
  • HMS ships:
    • Hood (BB-Battlecruiser?), Prince of Wales (BB)
    • Repulse (BB)

There are more ships i believe, ingame-possible options are welcomed.


We have been playing for a while now but lately it is just not as fun as last time; with a lot of variables involved so we came up with this for now.

Historical Scenarios would be good too, or perhaps it is already in progress by the Developers. 


More explanations on:

Gravity Cannon

As like in the Arpeggio Series there is a beam cannon that attacks in a straight line with massive damage; like a boss's attack skill.

Here is a little idea for the mechanics:

Gravity Cannon Damage setting.jpg

  • Warning Notice (i.e: 10-15 seconds before firing and fire path, firing ship icon blink on map)
  • Random ship will be selected to possess Gravity Cannon
  • 3 second shot duration, 100km straight line attack, 10 minute cooldown, Percentage chance to use skill
  • Varying damage depending on where major ship is located on the laser beam
  • Armor and angling does protect the player ship
  • Need to clarify(Decide) if damage is single point or volume based (i.e: shells inflict damage by a point on the shell or the whole shell volume by itself) - applied to laser beam mechanics
  • After hit, decide to inflict one/two time damage or Damage Over Time damage when still within beam
  • Decide, Merely receive highest possible damage x Armor damage reduction x Angling/Damaged ship part/module damage ratio OR a more complex volume based damage (i.e: beam area which damage a part of ship is calculated
  • Decide, Width of Gravity cannon beam (i.e: 2 kongo class Battleship width)
  • Modules can be destroyed when hit
  • Decide, Ships behind the hit ship can also be damaged

The "Decide" options are variable depending on feasibility of the Scenario


Arpeggio I-501 attached to a ship

In the series there was an event where a submarine with powerful sonar was attached to the Takao class cruiser to detect the allied ship; this is just a variation.

  • The selected ship (Can be randomized) has a custom ability to have more sonar range and interval(i.e:4.5 times range, 2 min duration and cooldown, infinite use)
  • When the selected ship has the ability, The division it has is able to shoot without being detected and thus forcing the player to take up tactics to take the incoming enemy fleet (i.e: 1.3 times enemy range increase with powerful sonar)
  • While enemy fleet will also be more advanced as to adapt to player tactics (i.e: when the player shows bow, use HE; when the torpedoes are detected, move to safe area while not showing ship sides, etc)
  • Sonar amount can be limited to a few ships
  • Even if Sonar ships are taken out, the division still follows standard combat protocol (i.e: still smart AI)
  • show detected notification by sonar on player HUD


Repair Ship Akashi

Seen during the World war, there was a repair ship that repaired with great efficiency during the War. I am not sure if the Map allows an NPC ship but/or if there is a CV player then perhaps the player may request the ship to move to a certain location (Assuming that CV/Carriers are the Commanders in the fleet) but the NPC may reject the order/request.

The setup is as follows:

Akashi and Sonar Ship.jpg

  • Same as a ship, HP, Speed, Repair Ship Structure, etc. - can be attacked
  • Circles on sides of ship, Max of 4 ships at a time perhaps
  • When 2 destroyers are inside a circle, maybe switch repair to the latter one that enters after 10k HP repair on first one
  • If ship is hit by allied ships (Shells, Ramming) repair output is reduced scalingly
  • Modules can be repaired, aircrafts can be replaced but limited
  • Can be requested to move to specified point on map
  • Destroyed modules can be repaired (Limited amount of times?)
  • Decide, Ship repair rate varies by ship type (i.e: 10k HP every 2 mins for Cruisers, 5k HP repair rate for Destroyers) or just the same rate of repair
  • Decide, When an area is captured, the ship may move automatically to the captured area or not


Here is the idea that we had a while back, Positive feedback(s) are always welcome, would be great if everyone could work as a team and get good rewards. No Flaming, Haters stay away please... We all want good fun games to play.


m(_ _)m



Akashi and Sonar Ship.jpg

Gravity Cannon Damage setting.jpg

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Nice dream....


Thanks... Really looking foward to have this in my dream

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also vote for this, we need more variate game modes with more unique gameplay and possibly make the use of arpeggio collaboration

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You realize that if you poke around in the game files, there's actually a haifuri flag file? The collaboration is most likely to be discontinued (this is up to WG) and be shifted to Haifuri instead, therefore making a game mode and etc as you suggested may or may not be even considered by the devs since its a thing of a past. Nevertheless, good suggestion

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