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Return the Basic Loadouts for USN Carriers

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Other Carriers were fine, Bogue, Independence, Ranger, and also high tier Carriers from the USN have the worst loadout, no 2 torpedo bombers :(

Please bring the 1/2/1 Loadout back


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1/2/1 on Indy means it has next to no plane in reserve, so no that won't work out. Bogue is similar case, although more forgiving for being tier5 (and heck, the Langley at tier4 actually gets that 1/1/1 loadout but not Bogue, cuz reasons).

2 TB on USN CV is a no go, WG said USN focuses on Fighter and DB while IJN are rounded. Beside, 2 TB on USN CV is equal to 3 IJN TB, and you know how evil the Taiho and Hakuryu are.

With the direction WG is heading for CV (turning them into scout/witherer), it's likely CV will lose some of their alpha trike (mainly TB) in the future.


Anyhow, I think all USN CV should have atleast 1 Fighter in any loadout. I find it silly when WG said they want to focus USN CV on air superiority yet half of FCS modules for USN CV don't have Fighter but all IJN ones do.

WG logic.

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