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If I can afford only one BB....

Arizona or Warspite  

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  1. 1. Arizona or Warspite

    • Arizona
    • Warspite

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Currently 59% win rate on Warspite, No regret buying it

Just don't simply show your broadside though, stay angled or face front.

I seen a lot of Arizona player do very well too though.

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Stay away from tier5-6 premiums due to new MM changes. Also stay away from anything below tier5 too since they don't earn enough to justify the cost.

Pick either tier7 or 8 ones, either of those German BB are nice (although Bismarck earns more and easier to play, things can get really boring if you get thrown into tier10 battles).


If you have to pick a tier6 prem BB:

- Warspite has Rifled kind of gun. It doesn't shoot out many but they are very accurate and punchy. The ship itself is one of the most weakly armored of tier6 BB, even worse than Fuso due to that massive superstructure. It does have better heal but you need some support to cover you while you wait for the repair consumable to recharge.

- Arizona is overall better in everything except gun caliber and speed. Her gun caliber can't overmatch bow armor of tier6-7 BB but atleast you can pen their superstructure, plus having alot more guns help; they do have decent accuracy too. This ship is also much more tanky, so there is more room for mistakes here than Warspite.

- Dunkerque is a niche ship, I don't know if I can recommend it. It can make things work, but other tier6 prem BB are more consistent. 

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I don't agree with these guys, go with Dunkerque. I've been lurking in mid tiers and I always fight with tier 6 battleships and among all tier 6 prem BB, dunkerque is the most solid. Most Dunkerque players always get solid contributions to teams, they are rock solid bow-on, and punishing guns(both he and AP) despite what they say; fought with/against them 100-200 games now and I know what I'm talking about. Warspite is a squishy battleship and guns are lackluster, you'll regret it. Arizona is just reskinned New Mexico(almost) with trade offs here and there.


(Edit) Oh didn't know Dunkerque is no longer in sale, shame.

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This should give you a better view

Arizona is the best performing T6 in almost all aspect. More is always better. Warspite is like butter, and warspite will burn from any HE shell that falls near.



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